Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cat Eared Bowler Hat and Some Thoughts on Life

Happy Tuesday!
I can't believe tomorrow will be the last day in 2014. It's truly crazy how fast time can fly by. One of my goals for 2015 is live each day to the fullest and enjoy the time. But I'll get more into New Year goals in the new year.

Today's look all revolves around my new cat eared bowler hat. It is precious and wonderful and I love it lol.

Over Shirt: Goodwill
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Khol's
Boots: Target
Hat: Forever 21
Mini Backpack: Urban Outfitters

"Fear is an illusion. When you understand this you will be free."

"We might be hollow, but we're brave."

I went out to lunch today with a bunch of people I went to high school with. We all met up with our high school theatre director and ate together. It was interesting to see where everyone was in their lives. It's been two years since the lot of us have graduated and it kind of put things in perspective for me.
We were all in theatre together. We all spent countless of hours under the same roof, on the same stage, building and performing. And we've all gone into completely different directions from theatre. But we'll always have theatre in common. We all started from the same place but have ended up in totally different places. 
I know that I never expected to be where I am today.And where I am in my life might not be ideal right now, it might not be perfect or all that I thought it would be. But I think it's where I need to be. It will not always be like this because things change and opportunities will come. We just need to be open to the change because if you're open and keep a positive outlook then things will never truly be awful. It may feel that way and when it does, you just need to remember:
"Look up, now look down. Up is endless, down has an ending. Always looks up." -ModSun

Keep look up dearies.
Cheers xo

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lazy Monday

Monday, Monday.
Happy Monday! This is the last Monday of 2014. Can you believe 2015 is coming so quickly? I feel like so much has happened in just a year, it's crazy. 
Today was a lazy day so here's a lazy day outfit for you. 

Sweater: Goodwill
Leggings: Urban Planet
Boots: Target
Mini Backpack: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Hair bow: Forever 21

I'm not doing much today. Many some crocheting later in the day. I am going out to find a white comforter and some whit sheets. I'm doing a mini bedroom makeover, it's about time.

I hope Monday treats you well! 
Cheers xo

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holiday Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Christmas was great this year. A little different than normal for me but I love change.

Christmas Eve I went to my Aunt's house to celebrate Nocha Buena with my family. There was so much food I practically had to be rolled out of the house lol. My outfit will be posted separately but here's a sneak peak!

And my dad managed to capture a picture of my sister and I, a rare occurrence.

The tree looked beautiful on Christmas morning. 

This was the aftermath of Christmas unwrapping. After opening gifts we do what we always seem to do. We have Christmas cleaning to make room for all new goodies we received.
Later in the night we ate a Christmas ham and then just chilled. Around 11 pm I actually went out with my bestie Casey for much needed girl time. We decided to spend the night at McDonalds splitting fries. It was a perfect day.

The newest additions to my Betsy Johnson collection.

I am a CD junkie and these three are the perfect addition to my cd family.

Over the weekend my bestie and I went out and I shot some pictures of her. These are a couple of the pictures we took. We're planning on a photo shoot for sometime later this week but we wanted to take some test shots first. Mostly so we could both become comfortable and learn how we each work.

And of coarse I had to throw in a sunset.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I couldn't be more grateful for all my friends and family.
Cheers xo

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Been a While Hasn't It?

Hello again!!
I sincerely apologize for my prolonged absences. I got sick late last week and I've been slow getting back into the swing of things. But I decided to do an update post.

Of coarse I'm going to start off with a kitty update. Little Oliver has taken to the house like a king. I think he thinks he owns the house. And he thinks all the other cats are his play toys. And look at the size difference between him and my big boy Taz (on the right).

And here's a Florida sunset. A small one but a cute one.

Believe me when I say I looked gross last week haha! Sick is not a cute look on me. But as soon I felt a better I ran a bunch of errands and picked up a Jamba Juice.

And I did a lot of baking. These isn't even half of it lol!
But I love baking Christmas cookies. I can bake anytime of the year but there's something so special about baking during the winter time. 

Ending of this post with my comfy outfits of the day. I've shown this outfit before but I don't care if I show it again! I re-wear clothes lol, everyone does. And this is one of my favourite sweaters! And I dared to venture to mall today so I wanted to be comfy.
The mall was a madhouse today and I waited in the Forever 21 line for about 45 minutes. But it was worth it.

Just a sneak peak of my mini haul. These pajamas were on sale for $5, which is a steal that I couldn't pass up. The shirt says "Be nice... or you'll end up on my blog." I thought they were perfect.
Merry Christmas Eve Eve!
Cheers xo

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter is Really Hot

It's Tuesday!!
The weather here in the Sunshine State doesn't seem to want to play along with the whole Christmas thing so today's outfit is a total reflection of the beautiful, but hot weather.

Dress: Forever 21
Denim Shirt: Goodwill
Shoes: H&M
Hat: Walmart
Sunglasses: Forever 21

I've been thinking about putting together a lookbook of sorts but I'm not quite sure what to focus on. The possibilities are seriously endless. But I have a couple of ideas spinning in my head so be on the look out, one may be coming soon!

"Empty yourself and let the universe fill you."

"Yesterday you said tomorrow"

"When people don't express themselves they die one piece at a time"
- Laurie Halse Anderson

My bestie and I went for a walk in the park today. It's a simple part of the park with a pretty lake and a workout track around the perimeter.  The sun was setting and the park was filled with people running, jogging, playing.. And it was just so cool to see all these people, who don't know each other, all be in one place at one time. It's just so communal and cozy.

This was the perfect view to end my Tuesday post with.
Cheers xo