Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July

 This post is a little late but I still really wanted to get it up. 4th of July was a pretty great day. I woke up early for the 9 am city parade.

It always seems like the whole city shows up to celebrate Independence day.

People decked out their cars and trucks, politicians used this as great campaigning.

My favourite part is always when the military trucks come threw. Some of them are really old and look like they drove out of an old military movie.
My outfit of the day consisted of a white crop top with delicate lace edging around the bottom from Forever 21. The high-waisted denim shorts are a DIY from goodwill that made. The stars and stripes socks are from Forever 21 as well as the red and white stripped headband. The turquoise triangle necklace is from Pacsun. And the black sneakers are from Target.
After the parade my parents and I went to Publix to do some 4th of July shopping. I was so down to buy all of these watermelons, I love watermelon.
Every year it rains on the 4th of July, religiously. But I find that the sunset can be prettier after rain goes away.

I love the way this picture turned out. I unfocused just as I was about to take the picture. It actually makes the picture 10 times cooler to me.
 After a dinner of hotdogs and the fixings we made our way down to the park to watch the fireworks. It was muggy and felt like I was swimming threw the air, gross. But the fireworks were beautiful.
It's amazing to think that all over the US people were gathering outside to all stare into the sky and watch fireworks. It's so significant and peaceful.
 After the fireworks we went home to shoot off some of our own fireworks. And my personal favourite, spraklers!!

That was pretty much the day and night. it was a really chill 4th of July.

Friday, July 4, 2014


     So for first blog post ever I decided I would post about #100HappyDays. I added the link for anyone who wants to go check it out. The website gives way more information but essentially it is a personal challenge that anyone can do. The challenge is to post a picture everyday for 100 days about something that makes you happy. At the end of the 100 days you can look back and see 100 things that made you happy. It's a really cool idea because I feel like I go through life sometimes and I never stop to smell the roses. They ask you why chose to take on the challenge and this is why I decided to take it:

"I want become more aware of the little things in life. The simple pleasures that are always there that get over looked everyday.I want to become more grateful of the things I already have that make me   happy so I can stop wanting more. And I want to challenge myself to actually finish something in my life because I am so good at starting projects but never finishing them. I want to finish this. I need to finish this because I know I can do it."-Me

Day 1 (July 2,2014): I received my Warped Tour ticket in the mail!! This I believe is the commemorative ticket. It's holographic! It goes from the cake saying "1994" to the rock skeleton smashing  the cake saying "2014". The tickets is so rad and I seriously can't wait to go!

Day 2: This little golden retriever puppy was absolutely the cutest little guy ever! Having gotten off of work early a group of us went out to lunch at Lime. In the same shopping plaza was a pet store that specialized in puppies only. Normally I would be very against pets store like this one but it's very hard to not fall in love with their sweet little faces. I felt a little better seeing how clean this pet store was and how well they took care of their puppies.
     After much commotion as to which puppy to play with we all decided on this little guy here. He didn't have a name but he didn't need one. He came right up to me and I just held him and kissed his adorable little face. Defiantly one of the highlights of my day.

Day 3: And that brings me to today, the fourth of July. I'll post more about it in a different post. But after seeing the morning parade we went to Publix to pick up some food and I couldn't help but get so excited about these watermelon. I love watermelon so much I'm pretty sure I have and addiction lol. 

And so those are the first 3 days of this 100 day challenge. I'm really excited to see where this take me and will definitely keep you posted.

Toodaloo! xoxo