Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Little Bit of This and That

This is final update for the night! The remainder of my pictures from the last week will all be up in one place now.

I wanted to start with an update of my lasted project. This is the beginning of a tape mural I am installing at school. You heard correct, tape. I will be recreating the drawing of my Polaroid camera on a blue wall all in white tape. It's actually a pretty cool concept.

I drew a grid on the original picture and again on the white Bristol board. I then drew the camera using the grid system to ensure it came it out exactly like the picture. And then I measured out the wall and created the same grid on the wall in tape. Tomorrow I will begin to draw out the final camera with tape. I'm pretty excited. I've never worked this large before and everyone who walks through this stairwell is going to see it. It's going to be really cool! And I'll continue to post my progress throughout the whole creation of my first "mural".

Thought I'd include a picture of one of my favorite moments out of every Monday. I talked about my little Starbucks ritual in one of my earlier posts found here. Although this was an especially amazing frap because the barrister put extra whipped cream and it popped out of the top. Actual perfection.

And an outfit post from last week.
Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Traffic
Backpack: PINK
Sunglasses: Earthbound Trading Company

I am forever in love with these sunnies. The picture doesn't do it justice but they really are shiny and holographic. I'm adding the link here for the Earthbound website. I am not being sponsored by them at all, I just really love the store and everything they stand for. I've bought a lot from Earthbound, and all of the dream catchers I own are from them, a long with a handful of sunnies and other trinkets.

There is nothing better than taking a moment to do nothing but lay outside. Which is exactly what I did. It was so relaxing. It's just something that need to happen more often.

Not to mention, the grass looked like this! It had all these cute little flower.

The camera when off as I was trying to adjust it on my makeshift tripod. And by tripod I really mean a little garden side table stacked on top of a garden chair. And a candle holder to stand the camera up. Long story short, I just really like how this picture came out.

Wings so big I could fly.

And I had a cake pop.

Thought I'd through in a picture featuring my banana sweater I got from H&M.
Cheers xo

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