Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting Back on Track

     It has been quite some time since I've sat down to blog. There have been reasons.. school, homework overload, not being able to transfer pictures to my computer. But all of those are just excuses and totally invalid. The truth is, I am awful at time management. I know that if I actually planned my time out I so would have time to blog. So that's where I am. I'm working on my time-management and trying to figure out how to fit everything I need to do and want to do in one day. But then again aren't we all?

     Anyway! I decided that this post would be dedicated to being my first ever OOTD (outfit of the day). I've never done one before but I've always wanted too. And who knows, maybe this can become a regular thing. I have to apologize in advance though. Being that this is my first time I don't expect it to be the best quality. Especially since I don't own a tripod and had to improvise haha. It was actually a struggle. I used a combination of an outdoor dinning chair, a plastic side table, and a birdhouse candle holder! Oh I rode the struggle bus today lol.

     Being that it's Monday, I'm lucky enough to only have one class at 8 am. It's my three hour drawing class and I'm always out by 11 am. Which pretty much means that I don't always put the most effort into my outfits on Mondays' but I happened to really like this one today.

     The original plan for class today was to go outside and continue our observational landscape drawings. Last week I totally wore a sweater to class not thinking we weren't going outside and ended up spending three hours in a thick white sweater in the hot Florida sun. So today I decided upon a cropped muscle tee.

     As it turns out Florida decided to be it's normal bi-polar self and it was cloudy and wet this morning. So we ended up staying inside instead. As you can tell from the pictures the sky totally cleared up by midday and it was beautiful again.

The cropped muscle tee is was originally a t-shirt that got from Goodwill and cut up. The bra is Target. I have no shame in showing my bra or that bit of side boob. The black stud belt is from HotTopic. The black jeggings are from Khol's (but they're like two or three years old now so I doubt the store still carries them). The black boots are from Target as well. And the Galaxy backpack is from last years back to school collection at Victoria Secret's PINK. I don't recall where the sunglasses are from, and the bandanna is also from Goodwill.

     Details of the shirt// It reads "POWER PLANT TWENTY TEN"
I have no idea what the shirt actually means, if anything at all. I just remember seeing at Goodwill and thinking "Woah, that shirt looks pretty rad." There's actually a yellow spray paint stain on the back of the shirt but personally I think it adds character.

     I love this backpack. I worked last summer as a camp counselor and when I got my final paycheck I put all of my money away into savings. But I set aside a small amount that I knew would specifically go to this backpack. I'm pretty sure I'll forever love galaxy print.

Hair was in a messy bun with a bandanna tied around my head to keep all the flyaways in check haha.

     And of coarse, my perfect accessory. A grande mocha frap, with whipped cream of coarse! It's my Monday tradition. Every Monday since the first week of school, as soon as I get out of class I drive to Starbucks and pick up a different frappachino. Lately I've only been going a mocha frap lol but I'll switch it up eventually. 

     I just think it's important for people to treat themselves every now and again. That's why I've made it a consistent in my life. Monday's can already suck just because it's a Monday, and there always seems to be something to stress about. So for about 15 minutes every Monday I go sit outside with my frap and I just sit. I don't worry about everything I need to do, or the growing pile of homework. Work and stress are always going to be there waiting. And if we never stop to take a break we'll do nothing but become consumed by it. It's important to just be.

     And currently my backyard looks like a winter wonderland. All the little clovers everywhere make me so happy. 

     And finally, this is what I created in my art class today. I call it, Advanced Finger Painting. It's my version of an elephant sculpture and it was created using India Ink and my finger print. My teacher wasn't too fond of it and said it didn't look three dimensional enough. I can see where she is coming from but I personally really like the way it came. And in the end that's what it all comes down too. If you're proud of the work you've done then that's all that really matters. And with that I leave you. Have a great day!!

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