Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hello Again!

     I know I've been away for way too long. I'm still figuring out where blog time fits into my crazy and busy life. I've been thinking about blogging and taking so man pictures and now I'm finally sitting down to write. This post will be an update on what's been going over the past week.

This was a homework assignment for my drawing class. We were told to replicate the Van Gogh drawing on the right using micron pen. My replication is on the left. It's not wonderful but it's not terrible either. This was actually my second attempt at it because the first was atrocious lol.

The weather last week started out bleak and cold. The temperature dropped to about 50 degrees and it was all rainy. But I honestly loved it. It was the perfect weather to just cuddle up with a book and a cup of coffee. Unfortunately I had school to attend to, which brings me to one of my outfits from last week.

Sticking to my normal all black uniform I went with a thick, slouchy, celestial sweater. I got this sweater from Goodwill last year when I lived in North Carolina. It is literally one of the comfiest sweaters I own.

I paired it with black jeggings and black boots to complete my slouchy look. Honestly, when the weather was as gray as it was my only intention was to be comfortable. And I was!

Here's a close-up detail of the sweater. All the beads and sequins were hand sewn onto the face of the sweater.

Even with the sky acting the way it was the hibiscus in my backyard still bloomed. They looked so bright and beautiful against the green of the bush and the gray of the sky.

And I thought I'd thrown in one of my doodles I did during class last week. 

I have a love for 1950's lingerie. It's just fun to sketch.

That was my quick update for the beginning of the week. I'll also post updates for another outfit of the week and an update about my birthday!

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