Monday, December 15, 2014

A Little Monday Update

Happy Monday!
"May your coffee be string and your Monday be short."
It's been a pretty calm weekend except for the addition of a new feline, family member! But I will get to that later. I just wanted to post some updates on life here in the Sunshine State.

We went Christmas tree picking not that long ago. Let me tell you, it can be quite hard to find the right tree! I may be a little over picky but I just love my tree to perfect. I feel like the perfect tree means the perfect Christmas. So it may have taken a little over two hours but we did it! We definitely found our tree. And it is huge!

I wasn't sure if it was even going to fit let alone if the angel would fit. But she miraculously did. I did finish decorating the tree over the weekend but I'll post those pictures in a separate post a little later.

I don't think I've had the pleasure of posting any pictures of this beautiful boy. His name is Joey and he never sits still long enough for a photo. I was lucky with this one, out of the 45 pictures I snapped at least one turned out. He's a 2 year old  gray and white maine coon. And he is stunning.

I finally finished my tape mural. It came out better than I thought and I really am in love with it. I had to leave out a couple of the smaller details because they cluttered the overall image. My teacher had some issues with it but I've learned to to take it all with a grain of salt. I hear what she says and I understand where it comes from but I still choose the way I want my art to appear. That's what makes it mine. And I stand by ever decision I made. I learned a lot from this project and who knows, maybe one day when I have a home of my own I'll do another tape mural.

I've also started my holiday baking! These cute little dough balls are called snow pixies. They're chocolate cookie batter rolled in powered sugar and they taste amazing!

And this is my new little bundle of joy, Oliver, a nine week old Siamese kitten.

I am in love with this little guy! He's become very comfortable with everyone and love to nuzzle with everyone. And just look at those eyes!

I leave you with a couple of pics of these beautiful sunsets. The world really is a magical place, sometimes you just have to open your eyes wide enough to see it.

Cheers xo

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