Monday, December 1, 2014

First Day of December!!

It's finally December!!! I am so beyond excited. December is one of, if not the most magical month of the year! I feel like I just need to be jolly for all of December because Christmas! See all of the exclamation points!!?? Excitement! 

Alright, moving on to other topics for now. I have an outfit update featuring all new clothes I bought on Black Friday.

Hat: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: American Eagle (bought at TjMaxx)
Socks: Target
Boots: Target
Rings: Forever 21


This awkward shot was the result of me trying to find the right angle to use with my new tripod. (Not bought on Black Friday)

This is one of the cutest sweaters I own. I feel like I think that about all my sweaters. But I love the Peanuts! I grew up reading the comic strips and every year my family watches the Peanuts Holiday specials. Not to mention, the sleeve are like fleece and super soft and fuzzy. 

Pardon my one black pinkie nail. I have no excuse for it.

I believe I got the sunglasses at Forever 21 but honestly I've had them for so long now that I don't actually remember.

This is my new favourite hat. Well it might actually be my only hat lol I own two snapbacks but I don't consider them to be the same as this hat. This hat is so adorable. I love the plaid detailing on the brim of the hat. And it sits so comfortably on the back of my head. This whole outfit made me feel like I could have been and indie singer who travels the country with her best mates who also happen to be her band mates. And they tour the country in a van that they drive, playing gigs at local coffeehouses and pubs across America. A.k.a a small dream of mine.

I also chose to uniformly filter these pictures with a few exceptions. I actually like the way these all turned out as aposed to in some of my earlier posts were some pictures would be filtered and others not. It just felt messy to me have it all be different.

And the greatest thing happened today. My ModSun book came in the mail!!! The book is titled "Did I Ever Wake Up?" and it's "..A step by step guide on how to make life a dream." Written by ModSun.

ModSun is defiantly up there on my list of favourite musical artists. If you've never listened to him I would so highly recommend doing so. (P.S. I am not being sponsored by anyone.) I heard about him this past March and have been obsessed. His music is so uplifting and happy, and his lyrics are poetic. So naturally I had to buy the book he'd written. I'm only 13 pages into it and it's already opened up my mind. I'm not even exaggerating when I say I know this will be the best book I have ever read. I'm planning on writing some more in-depth posts on some of the ideas he presents in the book.

And he personally signed the book with my name and his. I literally could not be happier. Did I mention that favourited my tweet I posted of my book?! I was pretty stoked. It's just so refreshing to see an artist who is so truly passionate about his friend-base. And I say friend-base as apposed to fan-base because he doesn't believe in having fans. He considers everyone to be his friend. It's little things like that that really make his stand out and shine.

And finally, a quick update on my tape mural. As you can see I have the complete outline finished! Or so I thought. I got a text from one of my classmates asking me if I had removed some of my tape. Of coarse I hadn't, I left campus at 11 in the morning and I was so happy with the way this turned out! But it seems someone felt they could do with my project as they pleased and took off the far left vertical curve. I don't know who did it or why, and I haven't seen it myself in person. But I will be updating you on this. It's just sad to see that some people really have no respect for other people's property.

But I really don't want to end this on a bad note. Because no matter upset I may have been about the missing tape I have way more to be thankful for and happy about. Today was overall a really good day. One that started with waking up to "Rude" by Magic, and ended with getting to blog about my day.
Cheers xo

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