Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holiday Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Christmas was great this year. A little different than normal for me but I love change.

Christmas Eve I went to my Aunt's house to celebrate Nocha Buena with my family. There was so much food I practically had to be rolled out of the house lol. My outfit will be posted separately but here's a sneak peak!

And my dad managed to capture a picture of my sister and I, a rare occurrence.

The tree looked beautiful on Christmas morning. 

This was the aftermath of Christmas unwrapping. After opening gifts we do what we always seem to do. We have Christmas cleaning to make room for all new goodies we received.
Later in the night we ate a Christmas ham and then just chilled. Around 11 pm I actually went out with my bestie Casey for much needed girl time. We decided to spend the night at McDonalds splitting fries. It was a perfect day.

The newest additions to my Betsy Johnson collection.

I am a CD junkie and these three are the perfect addition to my cd family.

Over the weekend my bestie and I went out and I shot some pictures of her. These are a couple of the pictures we took. We're planning on a photo shoot for sometime later this week but we wanted to take some test shots first. Mostly so we could both become comfortable and learn how we each work.

And of coarse I had to throw in a sunset.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I couldn't be more grateful for all my friends and family.
Cheers xo

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