Sunday, January 4, 2015

Photo Edits

I was playing around on my phone a few nights ago and editing some photos so I deiced that I would share them with you!

I'll list the app I used to edit them before each series of photos.

VSCO Cam edits:

My main focus for these photos was working with contrast and exposure in black and white.

Pixlr Edits:

My goal was to play around with double exposing a picture. I wanted to create a 3-D effect so I edited the black and white photo to may a red and a blue. 
The top photo is red photo as a base with the black and white in the middle and the blue layer on top. The bottom photo is the black and white photo as a base with blue layered in the middle and red on top. 

BlendIt Edits:

I played mostly with different levels of intensity. I also tried to match the colour of the overlays with the colours in the photo so the two would blend well. The top three are coloured photos and the bottom two are black and white. I found that the black and white blend better with the overlay than photos in colour.
Have a wonderful day!
Cheers xo

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