Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yesterday's Outfit

Oh hey there! The weather was beautiful today, the complete opposite of yesterday in fact. The sun was shining bright all day long. Which meant one thing, I could take pictures of yesterday's out!! Here we go!

Shirt: Target
Skirt: Forever 21
Knee high socks: Forever 21
Boots: Target
Bag: Goodwill

Cardigan: Forever 21

Rings: Forever 21, Vintage, and Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses: Spitfire, bought at Urban Outfitters

I did a little shopping after school today and went to one of my favourite places ever, the bookstore. A.k.a Barns n' Noble. My original intention was to pick up the winter issue of Kinfolk however they didn't seem to have it in stock. But I did happen to find one of my newly favourite publications "Bella Grace". This is Volume 1, Issue 2.

I first found "Bella Grace" this past August. I always search the women's interests and lifestyle sections of Barns n' Nobles magazine aisle and the cover of the first issue was so striking. So I picked it up and flipped through and immediately fell in love. The pages are beautifully thick and packed full of  beautiful photographs and inspirational stories. I had been waiting for the winter issue to come out but honestly, I kinda forgot about. It seems I always find "Bella Grace" when I'm not looking for it, or better, it finds me. Either way I am so excitied to read this issue!

I also picked up  AP (Alternative Press), the January 2015, 318.1. I love this magazine for a couple of reasons. 1. They are so informative and always keep me up to date with music and bands, which is where I hope to make a career one day. 2. The pictures and stories are always so great. And 3. Motionless in White. I know number three isn't totally a magazine thing but I seriously could not pass up Motionless, they're one of my favourite bands. So I was totally stoked to buy this one as well. And am equally as stoked to start reading it!

And we put some Christmas lights up in the backyard!

And here is the current status of my on-going, soon-to-be-finished tape mural of my camera. It's coming along a lot better than I anticipated. It's really time consuming and tedious, but it really pays off and I think this is looking great.

Sorry I didn't really have more to write, it's been kind of a bleh day. Like a weird day. The kind were parts of the day go by really slowly and others go by way too fast. Overall though it wasn't a bad a day. There is always good to be found in everyday, even on your worst days. Quote me on that.
Cheers xo

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