Friday, May 29, 2015


It's Friday!

And that means today I jet off to Chicago! I'm definitely only halfway done packing and I'm kinda freaking out. But only a little bit.
 I don't think I'll be blogging much while I'm away. So I'll leave you with this sunset I saw the other day when I went for a walk.
Sorry for the short post, just wanted to update a little. 
I'll see you again next Wednesday when I'm back home!!
Have a great weekend and week ahead!
Ta xo

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pillow Talk

Good afternoon!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. The week is flying by! And I leave for Chicago on Friday afternoon. That's 2 days away! I have so much left to do to get ready.
On Monday evening I had an idea to crochet a pillow. I've always admired the beautiful pillows on Attic24 and decided to give it go for myself. I have so many pretty balls of yarn but I only have one of each. (Did that make sense? lol) And a pillow front seemed like the perfect project for one ball of yarn.
I was gifted this ball of yarn years ago from my aunt for my birthday. And I've never used it because it was so intimidating. Yes, I was intimidated by a ball of yarn lol. It's so beautiful and wooly.
I mean look at those colours!! They're magnificent! 
So I decided on Monday that I would finally use it. I wouldn't let it intimidate me anymore. And I would work it into something beautiful.
So I started working it into a solid granny square. Sorry the picture is fuzzy I didn't notice it until I uploaded it onto my computer, and it's the only one I have of the beginning of the square.
Oh but it began to grow. Every stitch just made me more and more excited to finish it. My plan was to just crochet rounds until I had no yarn left. There was no telling how it would turn out.
Here it is getting close to the end of yarn. The ball was actually much smaller than it looks in the picture.
And finally.....
Woo! Look at that! 10 rounds in total. The last round gave me a Huge scared because I thought I would run out of yarn before I got to the end. But I made it and it is beautiful. The subtle shift in colours is beautiful and every row is different. 
It's 10.5 x 10.5 inches, unblocked. I'll get around to blocking it at some point. And the back of the pillow will be black. But that probably won't happen for a while seeing as how I won't be here this weekend. 
Well I must be going. The pile of things-to-do seems to continue growing and growing. I'll go tackle it now. Have a great Wednesday!
Ta xo

Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Vibes Pt.2

Good Morning!
And just like that it's Monday again. This weekend flew by in such a whirl and at the same time Saturday feels like a week ago. I can never wrap my head around how time works like that. 
Anywhoo! This was a busy, family filled weekend indeed. Yesterday everyone gathered at my aunt's house to have a good old fashioned Cuban family dinner.
The face of a dominoes Champion.
I paired my Forever 21 cropped turtle neck with my 70's inspired flares (bought from Target). Aka my favourite pants ever! The shoes are just suede loafers bought from Goodwill. And the big bow was made for me by a friend a long while ago.
 This may be one of the only pictures I have where I think my sister and I actually look related lol!
I taught my mother how to take a selfie and how to properly hold the phone. The lighting was not the best but I still like the picture. The rest of the night was spent with her going round the house taking selfies with everyone! Haha!
Light quality was not on point lol but I love this picture of my cousins and I.
My sister (on the left) holding my cousin's baby boy. 
Just take a look at that wonderful plate of food. Traditional family food for us includes pork, rice (with every meal lol), black beans, mojo (a dressing of sorts. Made out of oil, garlic, and salt.), Cuban bread (not shown), and salad. 
Dessert was tiramisu made by my mom, and coffee. I'm not lying when I say I ate so much I was full for hours after having left. I don't think I've eaten that much in one sitting since Christmas!
These plates were absolutely beautiful! I had to take pictures before the food founds it way onto them. The colours and patterns are just so pretty!
These are some of the art pieces that are in the bathroom which was featured in my first couple of selfies. The above two pictures were my grandmother's and the bottom one is a small painting. 

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't take more pictures. But I was living so much in the moment that taking pictures kinda fell to the side. I think it's better that way sometimes. Pictures are great to have but they aren't the same as being in the moment. You can't photograph the sound of someone's laugh or the feeling in a room. You have to be there for that. 

All in all though it was a wonderful weekend. I'm glad it's over though because I need to get cracking on my ever growing pile of math work. I leave for Chicago in 4 days!
Ta xo

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekend Vibes

Happy Sunday!

The weekend vibes have been strong here in SoFlo and they'll keep going. 
I have to be leaving soon to head out to an early family dinner. But I thought I'd share how my weekend was going so far!
A great lot of this happened yesterday.
My whole family gathered at the beach for a bbq birthday party for my 2 year old cousin. I had a bunch of family come down from New York to celebrate. Which is why we're going to dinner today, because they all leave rather soon.
The beach was packed! There must have been hundreds of people there. But it makes sense when you see a sky that blue. The temperature was wonderful, there was a breeze, and not a cloud in the sky!
It was a struggle keeping my hair out of my face lol!
Sisterly love <3
And one more of the beach because why not?

Speaking of beach and beach related things. Do you want to see how my seaside blanket is coming along??
I am loving the way it is turning out. Unfortunately though I ran out of the sandy coloured yarn. I'll probably have to wait a little while before I can get my hands on some more. None of the local craft shops have it which means I'll have to go pretty far to find it. Or order it online, which I've never actually done before!
It still has a way to go. 42 more squares to work up. All of them need to be blocked. And this will be my first time blocking out squares! (wish me luck) They need to be sewn together and then a border will be added as the final touch. 
Whew. That was a lot. But I've good progress so far! 
Can't forget to show this little munchkin who takes his regular naps on my bed every evening. He's kept me good company when I slave away on my never ending math homework. Which I should probably get to soon.
I leave for Chicago at the end of the week and have SO much to do to prepare for it. I'm thinking about creating extra hours in the day just so I can get it all done! 
I hope your weekends vibes are great as well!
Ta xo

Friday, May 22, 2015

Little Artsy Update


So sorry I didn't post yesterday, and I had been doing so well too! But I got so bogged down by math homework. I'm taking 2 online classes this summer. They aren't hard but the math class does require a lot of work. And I've been working ahead because I know I'll be out of town next week and I don't want to fall behind in my classes.
Well, all that said I thought I'd show you some of the piece of art I created this past semester.
This was my overall presentation for my portfolio review. Don't ask me why they decided on 7 pieces to show, 7 is such an odd number. And we only had two art classes this past semester: Digital Art, and my personal favourite, 3D design.
 My pre-review doughnut.
These were some of the first attempts at my digital self portrait.
And this was the final product. I personally love the way it came out. And for me it was quite advanced. I am absolute rubbish when it comes to Photoshop and Mac computers. So I think I did wonderful lol. A lot of the other people did much better though. However, I had to keep reminding myself that everyone else in class of 8 was looking to study computer arts. I am the only person who chose to peruse sculpture.
This is my first ever sculpture piece. It's the letters of my name all joined together and carved out of plaster. I adored working on this piece! Working with plaster is so much fun. Once I got past my initial fear of carving away to much or messing it up, it became enjoyable and relaxing.
And for the first time in this entire school year I got to have one of my works put behind glass in the hallway. I was way way proud!
This is actually one of my paper sculptures (which surprisingly scored a perfect score in my review). It was never meant to be a hat but every kept telling me it looked like a nun's hat. So when I took it home I put it on and boy did I laugh! I looked ridiculous! And strangely though, I kinda like it lol.
I'll leave you with a little vintage inspired Barbie doodle.
So there you have it, most of my work from this past semester. Because of the nature of the classes I didn't have that much work that came out of them. Maybe 3 or 4 from each classes.
Next year will be my first year focused in my major, Sculpture! I'll be taking a sculpture class along with a stagecraft class because I'd be lying if said I didn't miss building sets. 
As for the summer, my goals are to create more art, improve my drawing skills, and work in mixed media. I'll keep you updated on artworks I create this summer.

Have a great day!!!
Ta xo

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hump Day

Happy Hump Day!

Do people say that? lol I guess I do!
How's your Wednesday going so far? Today has been pretty good, it's a lazy day. 
I thought that today could just be a little update on life really.
This is the view I have every morning when I blog. I took it while sitting at our little outside table. I come out here most mornings. This is where I blog, where I crochet, drink coffee, and read other blogs. It's quiet and peaceful and just my little slice of the world.
Here you go, my messy little outdoor work space!
And look at that! What could it be? Well a new WIP (work in progress) of course! I can never just work on one crochet project at a time. I'm calling this one my Seaside Blanket because the blue reminds me of the ocean.
I loved putting my two crocheted beauties together. When I layout the new pieces though I do move my ZigZag blanket. My comforter is white so it acts as a blank canvas for me to throw around crochet blanket ideas.
I also finished this Baymax circle skirt for one of my besties. She is in love with Baymax and the movie "Big Hero 6". I personally didn't see it but I trust her word when she says it was amazing.
This was the first thing I've sewed in about a year. After leaving my previous school and leaving Costume I kinda boycotted all sewing related projects. But it actually felt really great to use my machine again. I've still got it, if I do say so myself lol!
I leave you with this pretty sunset I saw the other day.
This is going to be a busy week indeed. My uncle flew in from Cuba yesterday. My cousin flies in from New York today. We have a big family dinner planned for Friday night. Saturday is a birthday party by the beach for my baby cousin. And Sunday morning I have orientation for my new job.
You read right. My NEW job. My JOB. I have a job now!! I got the call on Monday and been floating on cloud 9 since! I am going to be a brand representative for Hollister. Sounds so fancy right?! I can't wait. I'll have to let you know how it goes next week.
As for today, take some time to relax and breathe. I know I'll have to remember to do that with the busy week that's ahead.
I hope today treats you well!!
Ta xo