Friday, May 8, 2015

Flashback #1 First Beach Day of 2015

How's today treating you? Well I hope!

Well let's flashback together shall we?
Back to March!

March brought the first beautiful beach weather and so off we went! My best friend and I made the trip down to Dania Beach one weekend.

Dania Beach is nice and quiet, even on the weekend! It's really just right up the road from Hollywood Beach which is always bustling and touristy. If you're travelling to South Florida and want to avoid the crowd, then Dania is the way to go.

If you look hard in the background you can see the beach is pretty empty. And I apologize in advance if the picture quality isn't the best. They all seemed to come out very hazy. I think the lens got smudged from the sunscreen and I didn't notice until I got home! haha oh well.

And here we are pretending we're models and showing off our adorable bathing suits and shiny white skin lol. Even living in Florida I have managed to stay a delightful shade of translucent!

Which does bring me to one of my summer goals...
To get tan!
My god, you would never know I was Hispanic by my translucent state. Haha!

My bathing suit is from Target. It was bought either last summer or the year before I honestly can't remember. But I love this print! It's definitely out of my normal colour palette. But I think when it comes to the beach bright is the way to go. And the print reminds me of Betsey Johnson. I like to imagine that it actually is even though it definitely is not lol!

And as you'll notice, my hair is extremely long! Which from the sneak peak post you'll know it no longer is. But I'll get to that in the big hair reveal!

I also don't currently own sandals....
I know, i know. I live in Florida and I don't own sandals! I'm a bit of a nutcase. But buying sandals is on the To Do list, I swear!

All in all though, it was a wonderful trip to the beach. A nice break in between classes and the middle of the semester. You can bet there will be many more beach trips this summer. It's a goal!
Have a great day!
Ta xo

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