Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flashback #3 New Hair

It's an absolutely beautiful day here. I hope the weather is treating you well too.

So as you may have seen in the sneak peek post..I cut my hair off!
It is brilliantly short. Well to be honest it's actually a lot longer now as I write this post. 

These pictures were taken the day I got it cut.
So, what brought this on? Well, for quite so time I had been feeling like I needed change in my life. And hair is the quickest and easiest thing to change. 
My hair was so long before the cut. And if you can't remember just look back at this post. It was super long. And I loved it, I did. But because it had so much length my curls would fall within a day and then it just became messy. And I was always putting it up in buns and ponytails. And can you feel annoyance I felt??
So I decided why not short? 
Truthfully I was kinda scared. The last time I had short hair was in 8th grade and I can't even begin to describe how bad it looked. I locked that memory up and tossed out the key! 
But I kept seeing short hair everywhere, on Pintrest, Instagram, blogs. And I decided to take the plunge lol
And I love it! I mean talk about low maintenance. I think my shower time was cut down by 20 minutes! 
It's all poofy and curly and lovely. I adore my short hair.
Currently though I am letting it grow out again. In August I'll be travelling to Italy for 2 weeks and the plan is to cut it short again before the trip. However, I do miss my long hair from time to time so depending on where it is by the end of July I may not cut it. I don't know lol, that's too far out to plan!
This was taken sometime in April and you can already see how much longer it looks. It's reached the "awkward stage" by now. It's currently not short but not long, it just is lol.

Also, I've decided to share my super secret Short Hair Pintrest Board with you. It's not much but if you're looking for some short hair inspiration just click here. I'll be adding more to it so don't you worry. 
Until next time, Ta xo

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