Friday, May 15, 2015

Flashback #4 Painted Skies

Hey Hey!

It's been a while since I've posted any pictures of the sky. And if you don't know, I love taking pictures of the sky. 

So with out further ado, here are some painted skies for you.
(I'm poet, can't you tell?)
Starting off we have this lovely sunrise I saw on my way to school. As summer began approaching the sun began to rise earlier and earlier. And seeing as how my class time don't change according to the sun it started to get tougher to get early morning shots.
Most days the sun would already be coming out of the sunrise phase by the time I was leaving the house.
But occasionally I got lucky and managed to see the rising of the sun. This is one of my favourite pictures taken on one of my favourite roads. I absolutely love when the sky rises and there are storm clouds in the air. The beautiful juxtaposition that it creates just makes my day.
Most of what saw was the sunset. Equally as beautiful as the sun rising. This was taken late one afternoon near downtown Ft. Lauderdale.
So this photo was taken one day when I had stayed late after school to work on an outdoor sculpture. 
After having spent a long day at school it was nice to see the beautiful sunset. It came as a surprise really. I looked up from whatever it was that I was doing and I was just so stunned at how beautiful it was. I made my team stop and just look at it. We needed that little sunset break.
And this was taken the same day as the above photo, about 25 minutes after it. It's amazing how the sky can change so quickly like that. I wish the pictures could do the sky justice. But the truth is that it will never look as good as the real thing. That's why I always like to say "take a picture with your heart because the feeling will last forever."
It you can imagine this two photos as a panorama then you can envision what I saw. It was another late day at school and another beautiful sunset to accompany it.

My advice:
Take some time to look out at the sky and marvel in the beautiful colours it creates. Get up early to see the sunrise. Go outside to see it set. Try this for one whole week and I promise it'll change your life. 

I hope your skies will always be beautiful!
Ta xo

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