Friday, May 22, 2015

Little Artsy Update


So sorry I didn't post yesterday, and I had been doing so well too! But I got so bogged down by math homework. I'm taking 2 online classes this summer. They aren't hard but the math class does require a lot of work. And I've been working ahead because I know I'll be out of town next week and I don't want to fall behind in my classes.
Well, all that said I thought I'd show you some of the piece of art I created this past semester.
This was my overall presentation for my portfolio review. Don't ask me why they decided on 7 pieces to show, 7 is such an odd number. And we only had two art classes this past semester: Digital Art, and my personal favourite, 3D design.
 My pre-review doughnut.
These were some of the first attempts at my digital self portrait.
And this was the final product. I personally love the way it came out. And for me it was quite advanced. I am absolute rubbish when it comes to Photoshop and Mac computers. So I think I did wonderful lol. A lot of the other people did much better though. However, I had to keep reminding myself that everyone else in class of 8 was looking to study computer arts. I am the only person who chose to peruse sculpture.
This is my first ever sculpture piece. It's the letters of my name all joined together and carved out of plaster. I adored working on this piece! Working with plaster is so much fun. Once I got past my initial fear of carving away to much or messing it up, it became enjoyable and relaxing.
And for the first time in this entire school year I got to have one of my works put behind glass in the hallway. I was way way proud!
This is actually one of my paper sculptures (which surprisingly scored a perfect score in my review). It was never meant to be a hat but every kept telling me it looked like a nun's hat. So when I took it home I put it on and boy did I laugh! I looked ridiculous! And strangely though, I kinda like it lol.
I'll leave you with a little vintage inspired Barbie doodle.
So there you have it, most of my work from this past semester. Because of the nature of the classes I didn't have that much work that came out of them. Maybe 3 or 4 from each classes.
Next year will be my first year focused in my major, Sculpture! I'll be taking a sculpture class along with a stagecraft class because I'd be lying if said I didn't miss building sets. 
As for the summer, my goals are to create more art, improve my drawing skills, and work in mixed media. I'll keep you updated on artworks I create this summer.

Have a great day!!!
Ta xo

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