Monday, May 18, 2015

Made in the 90's


How was your day? Mine was pretty well I'd have to say. Minus the horrid allergy attack I had about midway through the day. But a little medicine cleared that right up and I'm back in motion.

I realized that I haven't posted an outfit of the day in a very, very long time. The last one was...BACK IN 2014!!!  Ohmygod... I had I no idea it had been that long. It's here if you want to check it out. My hair was so long back then!
Before I show you my outfit I had to share my bed. Look at the sun spots! Oh aren't they so pretty! Ugh, they pattern the light makes is just so gorgeous. I think I stared at it for about 10 minutes basking in the loveliness of it.
Ok, outfit time.
Today's outfit is inspired by the generation I was born in. The 90's.
Grey Crop top: Brandy Melville
Black Overall: American Apparel (Thrifted)
Knee Socks: Target
Boots: Thrifted
Backpack: Urban Outfitters
90's grunge seems to be trending right now. Personally, I've always loved the 90's grunge look. It's relaxed, messy, and effortless. 
 The overalls were an absolute gem of a find. I tried them on at Platos Closet last month and ended up not buying them. AS soon as I got home I regretted that decision. But eventually I moved on from them. Then a couple of weeks ago I went back to Plato's with a friend of mine for a shopping day. I was browsing through the racks when I saw it. I snatched it up so fast, it was meant to be mine. And it was only 10 dollars. A steal!
My hair was done up in two side buns, also known as alien buns! And the hair bows I believe are from HotTopic. The earrings and button were both thrift finds, and the choker is actually the same one I wore back in elementary school. I've kept it all this time! Who knew it would come back into style lol!
This was an attempt at showing you the book I'm currently reading though the picture came out all backwards and these were the leftover results. 
Currently I'm reading "Just Kids" by: Patti Smith.
This was actually a book I was supposed to read for school last year but in truth I didn't read it. I decided to pick the book back up and give it another go. And I am so glad I did, it's amazing. 
Here's one of my favourite quotes:

"Much has been said about Robert, and more will be added. Young men will adopt his gait. Young girls will wear white dresses and mourn his curls. He will be condemned and adored. His excess damned or romanticized. In the end, truth will be found in his work, the corporeal body of the artist. It will not fall away. Man cannot judge it. For art sings of God, and ultimately belongs to him."
~Patti Smith (on Robert Mapplethorpe)

 This is the current journal that I am writing in. I adore it completely.
The 90's is one of my favourite decades, along with pretty much every decade in the 1900's lol. I promise more outfits will be posted. This promise is both for you and for me. This is something I definitely want to keep up with.
I hope you all had a great day!
Ta xo

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