Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother Nature

Good Afternoon!

I'm sitting outside today as I write this mother nature post. The sky is beautiful today, all blue with puffy white clouds. And it's shockingly not sweltering right now. Summers in South Florida can be downright brutal at times. But right now it's actually quite wonderful.
Look at this beauty!! Just look at it!! My god, I have never seen anything so magnificent. And it caught me totally by surprise too. I was walking outside by the front of my house and there it was. And not just one, no, like 20 at least. A whole bush full! It's called a Jamaican Caper. And apparently it's been in front of my house a long while now, but this must be the first year it bloomed. And boy did it bloom!
Look at those cute little bubs. All small and waiting for the right time to open up and shine.
I have to be honest, I don't fully understand this plant. Like why some of the flowers are white while others are pink. But I think the white ones are just a brilliant as the pink ones. They look so pretty all together like that!
And trees are finally blooming too. Above is a picture of a sour orange growing out on my tree. Definitely not for eating raw but lovely to use in cooking.
And my mango tree is doing marvelous this year. I think this will be the first year we get to eat the fruit of its labours. It's taken a while for it to produce fruit but the tree went all out this year! There are so many that I lost count and stopped trying.
I had to throw in this cute little duck I saw waddling around at the park. Those ducks are fearless and will come right up to you looking for food lol.
So at school we have this tree. It's not a special tree, you'd walk past it and not even give it a second glance. But one day I did give it a glance and look! Look at those rainbows. The leaves hold rainbows within them. How cool is that?? I freaked out a little lol. Ordinary things can be so beautiful if seen in the right light.
 This is a pot of baby cactus palms. All grown from the big one we have outside the front of our house. I have no idea how all these cactus grew in one shallow pot together. And honestly I didn't even know this pot existed. I was sitting on the grass one day looked over and boom! There it was. A flock of baby cactus, definitely waiting to transplanted into something bigger.
 This is another cactus I had. This one used to reside in a pot on the patio. But then we had a weekend long rainstorm that must have pushed this poor guy out of his home and onto the pavement. I walked past it and I had to take a picture. The poor guy had to be thrown out, there was no saving him. But there was something so utterly beautiful about the way he laid on the patio like that. It was an artistic way to go.
I'll leave you with this gorgeous guy. 

I pays to stop and smell the flowers every now and then. Or in my case, take pictures of them. There's so much beauty in this world that get over looked because it's not placed right in our faces. Remember to look up, down, left and right. There are beauty small details everywhere you are. You simply have to look for them.
And with that all said and done I must rush off now to the airport. I'm picking up my great uncle and I don't want to be late!
Ta xo

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