Sunday, May 17, 2015

Second Beach Day of the Year

Hello hello!

I was going through my pictures and noticed that I haven't shared my second beach day with you!
So I thought it about time that I did.
This time I headed down to Hollywood Beach early on a Saturday morning morning. This beach is much different then the last one I went too. Remember it?
This beach is much more busy and full of people. It was a nice change. Hollywood beach also has a "Broadwalk".  Which is a lot like a board walk just the Florida term. It's also missing the classic wooden walkways but it's full of cute little seaside tourist shops, and wonderful places to eat.
The weather was absolutely beautiful. It stayed at a wonderful 75 degrees (Fahrenheit) pretty much all day. Until sundown that is, then it actually got rather chilly. But during the day it was perfect. The sun was shining bright, the sky was so blue, and the clouds would provide perfect relief from the sun.
And you can see my new bikini, isn't it cute? I got it on sail at Target for a total of 17 dollars. It was a steal!
I made an attempt to wear a hat while at the beach, but the wind had other plans lol. You can see the broadwalk in the background there.
There was a lot of tanning. A lot of water play. And a lot of eating! Beach picnics are always the best.
We made a toast to the birth of the royal baby girl.
And before we knew it the sun was setting and it was getting cold! We met my best friends parents on the broadwalk for dinner. Dinner included a wonderful pizza and ice cream.
The sky was the perfect icing on the cake. What a wonderful way to end a wonderful day.
On the car ride home we reminisced about all the days events. How the waves were so big and the water so warm. How we never had a spot of bad weather. And how glad we were that we got to spend the day together. We definitely will have to be doing it again soon!
Ta xo

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