Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Vibes Pt.2

Good Morning!
And just like that it's Monday again. This weekend flew by in such a whirl and at the same time Saturday feels like a week ago. I can never wrap my head around how time works like that. 
Anywhoo! This was a busy, family filled weekend indeed. Yesterday everyone gathered at my aunt's house to have a good old fashioned Cuban family dinner.
The face of a dominoes Champion.
I paired my Forever 21 cropped turtle neck with my 70's inspired flares (bought from Target). Aka my favourite pants ever! The shoes are just suede loafers bought from Goodwill. And the big bow was made for me by a friend a long while ago.
 This may be one of the only pictures I have where I think my sister and I actually look related lol!
I taught my mother how to take a selfie and how to properly hold the phone. The lighting was not the best but I still like the picture. The rest of the night was spent with her going round the house taking selfies with everyone! Haha!
Light quality was not on point lol but I love this picture of my cousins and I.
My sister (on the left) holding my cousin's baby boy. 
Just take a look at that wonderful plate of food. Traditional family food for us includes pork, rice (with every meal lol), black beans, mojo (a dressing of sorts. Made out of oil, garlic, and salt.), Cuban bread (not shown), and salad. 
Dessert was tiramisu made by my mom, and coffee. I'm not lying when I say I ate so much I was full for hours after having left. I don't think I've eaten that much in one sitting since Christmas!
These plates were absolutely beautiful! I had to take pictures before the food founds it way onto them. The colours and patterns are just so pretty!
These are some of the art pieces that are in the bathroom which was featured in my first couple of selfies. The above two pictures were my grandmother's and the bottom one is a small painting. 

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't take more pictures. But I was living so much in the moment that taking pictures kinda fell to the side. I think it's better that way sometimes. Pictures are great to have but they aren't the same as being in the moment. You can't photograph the sound of someone's laugh or the feeling in a room. You have to be there for that. 

All in all though it was a wonderful weekend. I'm glad it's over though because I need to get cracking on my ever growing pile of math work. I leave for Chicago in 4 days!
Ta xo

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