Monday, June 29, 2015

Blog Challenge Day 1: Who Are You Talking To?

Two blog posts in one day?? Yep that's right! But this one's a little different than normal.
Judging by the title I think you already guessed, this is a blog challenge post. I heard about Alex Beadon's 7 Day Feel Good Blog Challenge and decided to give it a go! If you click the link it'll take you to the sign up page.

Alex Beadon is business and blogging queen. She knows why more than I could ever hope to and gives out great advice and inspiration. If you want to check her out her blog the link is here

So here we go!

#1- Describe your tribe
My tribe consists of strong headed, independent, creative people. People who have a love for travel, arts, good music, and coffee. People who march to the beat of their own drum and create their own soundtrack. We are people who try new things and aren't afraid to be on our own. Dreamy-eyed and level headed but with dreams big enough to fill the universe. We're quirky and cool with vintage love affairs. We're a tribe of gypsies, poets, painters, explorers and dreamers.

#2- Why did you choose to focus on serving this group of people?
This my sound like a funny question to ask, especially because I don't currently serve anyone. But I'll let you in on a secret. I'm opening up an Etsy shop! It's all in the works right now. I'm setting up shop if you will. 
So why do I choose to serve my tribe? Because I want to share my creations with liked minded people. The things I will be selling will be handmade by me and I want to sell them to people who will like them and appreciate them. My tribe will wear and share my creations. And as like minded people hopefully they will love them and share them with their tribe too.

#3- What makes you the expert on solving their problem with your product or service?
What makes me an expert huh? Well, I'm an artist, I have a different outlook on life. I have a unique style and crafting ability. I'm studying to be a sculptor so I'm great with making stuff. I have a unique background that started out in dance, moved to writing, theatre, and art. I spent four years working and studying as a costume designer so I know clothing. The things I'll create will be unique to me and who's a better expert on my style them me? I'll give you a new twist to things.

#4- What's the one message you hope people will take away from your blog.
The one message I hope you take away from my blog is this:
Always be proud of who you are. Wear a crown and declare yourself queen because you can. Be confident and show people how much you mean to yourself. Never let other people's opinions and thoughts stop you from being yourself.
Society has put a stamp on individuality that says it's weird to be different. People attack the strange, different, and expressive. Don't let it stop you from being yourself. There's no use in trying to fit yourself into a mold because their is only one mold you fit and it's yours. Be yourself always. Show people who you are and embrace it. Wear your crown and smile.
Cheers xo

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