Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chicago Day 1:Serenitea

Morning all!

It's pretty lovely out today and I actually managed to get up early, 9 am! That is a miracle for me considering I was waking up at 3-4pm just a week ago. I know, horrible!

Anyhoo, it's tea time!!

The tea house was called Serenitea. How cute is that name? The store front was very small and we didn't know what to expect but when you walked in it felt so much bigger. There was a long table set up at the front of the store near the window with 14 place settings. There are a lot of female cousins in my family!

One of my cousins had set up a little display on the front windowsill of old pictures of my Aunt and cousins from their childhood.
 Vintage photos are a love of mine for sure. The above is picture is from a cousin's wedding back in the 1940.
Set at the front was also this beautiful tea set, as well as a bunch of other cute chachkies.

A big part of the tea was that the family kept it a secret that we were coming, only a few people knew. So when my Aunt's were arriving we positioned ourselves well so they wouldn't see us at first glance.

Have you ever attend a surprise party, or surprised someone in general? I had never before this day. I can't even describe that look on their faces when they saw us. The shock, the joy, the idea that we weren't real and then back to the shock and joy. Tears formed in their eyes because they were so happy! Tears formed in my eyes because I was so happy! It was an amazing moment.
After we all arrived and sat down at our places the store owner came to greet us. She was this super sweet, little, old Russian lady with a beautiful accent and wicked sense of humour. She gave us all menus and explained how it all worked.
Take a look at the huge amount of tea choices!! I was in heaven. I decided upon the Strawberry/Orange Green tea... and omg... it was heavenly.
Strawberry/Orange Green Tea and Cucumber/Water chestnut Sandwich.
We had a large table spread. It was so lovely and homey. If felt cozy and comfortable, more so because it was freezing rain outside and the sky was all dark and gray. But inside the tea house everything was light, happy, sunny.
I don't even know how I managed to eat the desserts because I was so stuffed already! I had two full tea pots of tea it was that delicious. So pictured above at the top is a mini cake with chocolate ganache, the bottom right was a plain cheesecake square, and the bottom left was a lavender cookie! Yum!
 We had a little man crash our tea time, my little baby cousin Axel. He's a little punk cutie!
Funny story about the bathroom. So I wasn't entirely sure where it was but I knew I had to go through one of the doors in shop. So I entered into this looooong gray, hallway with carpeting and creaking floors. I made a left and a right and another left and finally found the bathroom. It felt like I was in a totally different building so far away from any of the festivities.

Also! The dress I'm wearing in this picture I will be selling on my Depop. I don't have it up for sale yet seeing as how I just made a Depop yesterday. But I will be posting a little later once everything is all set up.
I think this picture pretty much sums it up.

"Life is like a cup of tea,
It's all in how you make it."

So how will you make your cup today?
Cheers xo

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