Monday, June 29, 2015

Father's Day


I thought I'd brake up the Chicago posts a bit as share Father's Day with you. Considering it was last weekend, now seems like a good time. But don't worry, there will be more Chicago coming soon!
So for Father's Day my dad wanted to go down to Gulf Stream Park. It's a fancy horse racing track and the only one I know of in South Florida. But it's a little more than that. There's a shopping streets behind the track with many little upscale shops and cool restaurants. It's still being built up but what they had was pretty neat.
We choice this spot for a family photo op. It was pretty and more importantly, it was in the shade!
 The Princess, the Dad, and the Angel.
My dad setting up the camera, haha.

It was pretty out there but I have to say, there wasn't enough shade. And in South Florida you need shade because it was like 97 degrees out there.
This is where they bring the horses before and after the races. We did actually manage to see two races while we there. I'm personally not a huge fan of horse racing but my dad loved it and that's all the matters.

We went to eat at a burger joint after the long day and it was the most amazing burger I've had in a long time! Look how big it was. It was so juicy and cooked to perfection. And out table was massive!
After the long day at Gulf Stream we all headed home. We made a stop at the cemetery to visit my Grandmother and pay our respects. As we were leaving the sun was setting and this is what we saw. It was the perfect ending to a great day and a beautiful Summer Solstice.
So that was Father's Day.

Get ready to travel tomorrow because we're heading back to Chi Town for day 2 of my trip! A view of some local sites and local weather.
Cheers xo

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