Friday, July 3, 2015

Chicago Day 3: Millennium Park

Happy Friday!

It's strange how quickly the week can go by sometimes. It just flew on by!
This is the last installment of my Chicago trip. Let's end it on a great note.
Millennium Park.
Millennium Park is a really cool park on the east side of Chicago. It's quite large, think Central Park in NY but more spacious. On one side there's the city and on the other side is Lake Michigan. All roads lead to the park so naturally we had to stop over and take a stroll.
Wrigley Square and Millennium Monument.
This is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion were sometimes you can hear the Chicago Symphony practicing.
They also put on free concerts here. This is the view of the stage from the grass. I can just imagine having a picnic here, it would be so cool.
The is the Cloud Gate Sculpture, more commonly know as the Bean because well, it looks like a bean!
Mom and I taking selfies in the Bean.
The underside of the Bean.
This is right below the Bean. During the summer months they put tables outside where you can go and eat. But during the winters they transform it into an ice skating rink.
 The Laurie Gardens are a full fie acres of beauty. Mom and I never knew this was here and really we just stumbled upon it. We didn't have time to walk the full five acres though I would have loved too! But what we did see was just so beautiful.
Can you tell I have a thing for lavender? They were simply everywhere!
 But what I really loved were the poppies and the view of the city behind the beautiful garden.
We continued heading South towards the Art Institute of Chicago.
Next to the Art Institute is the Art Institute Sculpture gardens. I actually studied this sculpture in my 3D design class, I never thought I would get to see it in person. It was a cool surprise.
That was a long post wasn't it? Sorry I didn't write much but I hope the pictures make up for that.
This three day trip to Chicago was exactly what I needed and I couldn't have asked for a bitter trip. Hopefully someday soon I won't have to keep travelling to Chicago because I'll be living there. Fingers crossed!
Hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend!
Cheers xo

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