Monday, July 13, 2015

Peruvian Crochet


It's been a long while since I've posted anything crochet related. It's time to introduce my Peruvian blanket.
It actually took a while before it reached this stage. Let's go back to the beginning..
This is what it originally looked like. The yarn used was Red Heart's Peruvian yarn, hence the name. I crocheted these 15 squares a long time ago like maybe in 9th grade?! And I stitched them all together and everything, but as time passed the yarn became harder to find. I think they discontinued it. So I decided I had to use the the squares for something.
I painstakingly took them all apart and laid them out across my bed. Because I don't have more than 15 I would 14 of them and make a square throw blanket.
I added three extra rounds to every square so in total there are 10 rounds. I used Lucy's join-as-go method to connect them all. I plan on building out from here with some more black and white rows around the whole blanket.
Hope you liked this quick little crochet update, it's my latest project. I hope to have it done before I go back to school in August. Fingers crossed!
Cheers xo

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