Monday, August 31, 2015

Prendere Il Volo - Taking Flight


Can you believe that September 1st is tomorrow? It's practically Autumn! Well maybe around the rest of the country it is but here in SoFlo we don't have much of a season change (if any really). But I like to pretend we do. I like to think that Autumn starts when September does. That means the time for sweaters, coffee mugs, and baking has arrived. 
But that's not what this post is about. Instead I think we should hop onto a plane and jet off somewhere nice. Italy maybe? I think Italy!
The first day of vacation was basically spent on travel, which we did quite a bit during the trip. We flew from Ft.Lauderdale to JFK and then it took eight hours to fly over to Milano.
 We had a bit of a layover at JFK so we decided to walk around a bit and explore. We found these swanky painting in an upper level hallway of sorts. We weren't quite sure why there were so many paintings, because there were a lot, and they were all done by the same artist. Most of the paintings were actually of different parts of Italy, which was so fitting!
I won't rave about the airline food lol, but it was pretty good. Dinner was a combination of chicken and orzo, lemon shrimp, a small salad, and a roll. The little TV's on the back of the seat was an added bonus. It was like dinner theatre!
Breakfast was strawberry Greek yogurt, orange juice, a croissant, strawberry jam, and cheddar cheese.

We arrived in Milano around 8:30 in the morning so by the time we got to our hotel the room wasn't ready for us. That was fine though because we went out exploring, but more of that tomorrow. Instead I'll show you the cute room we had at the Hotel Berna.
Sorry the pictures are so fuzzy, it must have been a combination of the lighting and an unfocused camera. Oh well, you get the idea haha. The room was so tiny we were basically tripping over each other. But each of us were given our own pair of slippers and a large bag of alcohol filled chocolate. Yum.
Not to mention that they gave us a rubber ducky!! To actually take home with us! I was beyond thrilled.
I wish I had taken a picture of the breakfast room because we raved about the food at Hotel Berna for the entire rest of the trip. There was everything you could ever imagine having for breakfast. There was so much fresh fruit, and baked goods, warm meats and cheese, vegetables on the side, and about four different choices of coffee to choice from. I'm seriously getting hungry just thinking about it!
The view from our room wasn't spectacular but truthfully we didn't come for the view from a window, we came for the real thing. Although I have always loved the look of fire escapes. And actually the stairs on the right side of the picture lead to the other half of the hotel.
Lucky for us though, our side of the hotel had a lift. A very very small lift haha!
The three of us barely fit into the larger of the two lifts.
I'm ending this with a picture of me in the world's fluffiest bath robe. It consumed me!
Next post we'll walk around the Duomo and explore the rest of day 1 of my Italian travels.
Cheers and Ciao

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