Monday, September 14, 2015

Milano Day 1- Walk Around

Buongiorno Jujubees!

Today we'll embark on a journey back to Italy, Milano to be exact. I broke up day 1 of my travels into two separate posts. So first we'll walk around Milano and see some sights and then we'll take a tour of the Duomo. How does that sound?
Good, ready? Let's go!

So if you remember flying into Milano I showed you around the hotel a bit. (If not you can read about it here.) What I did show you was how we got there.
So after we grabbed out luggage we bought Metro passes and headed down to the ground level to catch the train into the city.

I'm not going to lie, the ride into Milano was nothing special, or at least, it was not what I was expecting so I didn't bother to take pictures of it. Plus I was also super tired from the long flight and slept for about half the ride. 

One thing I did notice was the vast amount of graffiti covering every available surface. Trains, buildings, walls, the floor. And it wasn't just Milano, it really was all over Italy. It did bother me at first but by the end of my two week stay I just got used to it.

Milano had the prettiest, and the most crowed, train station. The inside of the station was gorgeous and old fashioned, and the outside was equally as beautiful!
We walked over from the train station to our hotel and then across the street to a little restaurant for lunch.
Lunch was a panini and acqua (water). After lunch it was a short metro ride to Pizza del Duomo.
Lovely little thumb print in the lower right hand corner over there, haha!
 On one side of the plaza sits the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a pretty large and very old shopping mall. We didn't actually walk through it on the first day though so we'll see the inside later on.
Instead we focused our attention to the magnificent Duomo and toured the inside. We bought tickets to go up to the roof but I was feeling horribly sick so I actually stayed on the bottom while my parents walked the roof.

Let me tell you, it was so weird just chilling on the street of a totally foreign country on the first day I was there. I was feeling dizzy and a little nervous about being by myself. At least I was on the side of the Duomo that had shade. But I had left my book and journal back at the hotel and I had no data in Italy so was left with nothing but myself.

I people watched for a long while and it was so interesting to see how people would come and go. Little kids walking with their parents, foreign families with their maps pulled out, beautiful Italian men stealing my heart as they passed me by!
After the Duomo experience was got a gelato limone and sat for a while. We went back to the hotel and took naps and then went out to dinner. It was a very full day and a weird day. To think that early in the morning I had been on a plane flying halfway around the world and that night I was tucked into bed in Italy. Life is crazy cool like that.

With that I'll leave you and tomorrow we'll tour the inside of Milano's largest cathedral.
Cheers xo

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