Saturday, December 19, 2015

Disney Day 1: Universal Studios (The Morning)


Yesterday I gave you a sneak peek of my Disney adventure Day 1, so here's the rest!
After we dropped our stuff off at the hotel we grabbed some breakfast and an Uber and made our way Universal Studios with one thing on our minds: Hogwarts! This was my first time visiting Diagon Alley and Hogwarts!
There was so much anticipation as we made the long walk to the gates of Universal.
There's nothing quite like seeing that wonderful, iconic globe!
Here's the very large, very scary roller coaster we were never going to ride lol!
We wanted a picture in front of this super cute taxi cab and the photographer decided we should make it a photo shoot lol! We weren't going to object.
The whole park was decorated for Christmas and it was so pretty! I've never gotten to see the parks at Christmas time.
Look how pretty this Christmas tree is! I want one this big, if only my house was large enough lol!
Some of these ornaments were as large as my head!
Did I mention that I got to pose next to the beautiful Jimmy Fallon! They're going to be opening up a new ride where you get to fly through New York City while Jimmy Fallon narrates the whole thing! And by that mean, Jimmy Fallon!!! I will most definitely be going back once the ride opens.
 Kelsey's not a huge fan of Universal Studios but I do quite like it. I know it's not Disney World but I mean look at all of these details! I think they do such a good job making everything look so real!
 I mean look at this Starbucks! It's so cute!
I think I'll end this post right here. Right before we get to Diagon Alley and Hogwarts. I know, I know right before the best part, right? Well, I have a ton of Hogwarts photos to share and I think it deserves it's own post were we can really explore together. And after that we'll head back from the magical world and visit the rest of the park! Sounds good? Great! See you then!
Ciao xo

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