Thursday, December 24, 2015

Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom (Festival of Fantasy)

Happy Christmas Eve!!

Today's posts is going to be less wordy and picture-y. I'm busy doing lots of last minute baking and I feel like these pictures can speak for themselves more than I can. So without further adieu I bring to you the wonderful Festival of Fantasy!
Some pictures came out a little blurry but honestly I don't mind them that way.
I love all the costumes so much!
I got a bunch of pictures of the lost boys dancing because they were fantastic.
The Maleficent part of the parade is probably my top favourite part.
Look at her go!
The Mad Hatter was so excited to spot us at th front of the crowd!
And the White Rabbit was very impressed by us, the Tweedles,
I accidentally took this photo of Chip and Dale as they were coming right to us to give us a big hug. They totally caught me by surprise, I was so focused on taking pictures! It was so cool of them to come over to us.

And last but not least, we have the King and Queen themselves wrapping up the parade.
I hope you enjoyed the festival! See you soon with some firework magic!
Ciao xo

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