Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom (The Walk Around)

Good morning!

Are you ready to go to Magic Kingdom?? I'm so excited to revisit with you! Magic Kingdom day was such a long day filled with so many pictures that I broke it up into four different posts. This is the walk through post, we'll explore Magic Kingdom from morning to night.
We got to the park pretty early, it around 9:30 in the am. And let me just say, I can't remember the last time I went to Magic Kingdom at Christmas time. It. Was. Beautiful! Everything was just decorated to the nines for Christmas and suddenly I was in the happiest place on earth.
Main Street USA. The prettiest street I ever did see. I'm always amazed when I walk down Main Street and I'm instantly transported back to a different era. And at the end of the street stands Cinderella's beautiful castle.
We were lucky enough to catch the Dapper Dan's singing and tapping along to Christmas songs. I've never gotten to actually see the Dapper Dan's perform before, I've always heard about them but never seen them! They were such great performers.

After we walked around for a bit we had a morning fastpass for Space Mountain so we made our way into Tomorrowland to ride one of my favourite rides. Then it was back to Main Street to eat a quick breakfast at Startbucks and then over to Fantasyland to meet Alice and the Mad Hatter! I have lots of character pictures so I;ll be saving those for a future post.
But of course we had to stop an take an iconic picture in front of the castle.
That's right, we Disney Bound! Kelsey was Tweedle Dee and I was Tweedle Dum. The outfits were relatively simple to make, should you wish to make your own.
Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt: Target
Red Skirt: Amazon
Red Hat: Amazon
Red Suspenders: Hot Topic
Kelsey chose a pair of matching red leggings and I chose a pair of footed tights that were darker, more burgundy, to offset the skirt. She wore white Keds and I wore my comfiest black boots. The white collar and big blue bow were both handmade by me!
So Kelsey somehow managed to snag us lunch reservations for.....
"Be Our Guest"!!!!
I have no idea how she possesses so much luck but thank god for it! We were getting to eat at Be Our Guest! And I was so excited. We actually showed up about 15 minutes late for reservation because our meet-and-greet with Alice and the Mad Hatter went longer than we expected. We were pretty nervous we wouldn't get to go in but they let us go anyway! We were so happy.
I'm not sure what room we sat in but we called it the Parlor Room. There were lots of paintings of the movie on the wall and this beautiful spinning Belle and Beast in the center.
For lunch I had a bowl of potato and leek soup with  the Chief's special Gray stuff!
They did say try the gray stuff. And believe me, it really was delicious!
Causally obsessed with the main dining room which was the ballroom. It was so gorgeous I pretty much just stared in awe for a good five minutes. I mean look at those chandeliers! I think I have an obsession with chandeliers lol!
And we got to enter into the forbidden West Wing to see the beautiful rose behind it's glasses case.
And look at how cute Lumiere is.
Everything about eating here was perfect and I feel so lucky that I got to experience it.
Mine Train
Ariel's grotto
Since we were in the area we had to head into the village to meet Gaston, Kelsey's future husband.
We had a fast pass of Mine Train and Big Thunder Mountain so after meeting with Gaston we headed over and rode both of the rides. On the way to Frontier Land we got stopped by a Disney Photographer and he wanted to take pictures of us by the carousel and pulling out the sword in the stone.
But the time we finished riding Bug Thunder the sun was already setting, it was around 5 o'clock. But we got some really pretty pictures during that golden hour.
Frontier Land was looking so pretty.
Our next stop on our agenda was: to take pictures in Rapunzel's neck of the woods, and by her tower.
Corona is such a pretty part of the park, I wish they did more with it then just put the bathrooms there. They are pretty bathrooms just the same.
After we satisfied our picture need we made our way over to one of our favourite rides; The Haunted Mansion.
And by time we got out of there the sun was really gone. But in it's place it left a beautifully painted sky.
Isn't this the prettiest sky you've seen? I think I say that about every sunset actually but I mean it's true.
We made our way back to frontier land to grab a Mickey pretzel and just chill out for a bit.
Much more of the night passed and we accomplished a lot, I didn't take a lot of pictures though. We spent a lot of time in Tomorrowland and then we watched the Fireworks! After the fireworks we headed over to Storybook Circus. We met Minnie and Daisy, Goofy and Donald. We rode Dumbo!
We did some more walking around the park and met more Princesses. The park was closing at 1 am and fully intended to stay the whole time. Most people leave right after the fireworks are finished so the park was pretty empty and calm. It was such a change from the earlier bustling park.
We went to go visit Cinderella's wishing well and I made a wish, of course.
We wanted to stay until the park was completely empty but the truth was we were beat. It was a long day and we decided to slowly make our way back towards the entrance so we could visit the shops on our way out.
We doddled around for a while more and walked around enjoying the pretty Christmas lights that were decorated everywhere.
It was hard saying goodbye to the happiest place on earth but I know I'll be back again in February for Kelsey's birthday. And I got to spend a whole day at one of the most magical places ever. Overall it was such a fantastic day!
Ciao xo

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