Friday, December 18, 2015

Let's Go to Disney!

Hello again!

I know it's totally not fair for me to be switching to a brand new trip, especially when I didn't even finish blogging about Italy. But I promise I will continuing to blog about Italy, but first Disney World! 
I spent the past weekend in Orlando with my bestie, we went to celebrate my 21st birthday! Which was totally in November but travelling in November was so not an option. It was a super busy month. And going in December was great because we left on December 11 which was the day after my last day of classes! Woo!
So as crazy as it may seem we did fly into Orlando. We only live three hours away lol but it was actually cheaper for us to fly than it would have been to drive. So fly we did! We left at 7 am in the morning and got there around 8 am.
Because we stayed in a Disney World Resort, The All-Star Movies resort, we got to take the Magical Express bus to our hotel!
 We got stuck in traffic on our way to hotel and I decided we should take a selfie, the guy behind us thought so too!
The hotel was super cute! Although we didn't get to stay in the 101 Dalmatians wing, we actually stayed in the Mighty Ducks, it was still super cute.
On our first day we went to Universal Studios, but that will be a different post because there are way too many pictures and I don't want this one too be super long!
Until tomorrow!
Ciao xo 

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