Monday, July 27, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo

It's official!! I finished Camp NaNoWriMo! And four day before the end too! I'm like screaming I'm so excited. I set my word count goal at 30,000 words and finished up with a total of 30,112. The reason I've been so absent from blogging is because I've been really focusing on this novel. It's nowhere near completed but it's done for the month of July. The next time I'll be participating in NaNoWriMo will be in November for the main event, 50,000 words.

This was such a great experience, writing a novel. I've always had a love for writing and used to do it quite often too. But then things changed and time got busy and it just kind of fell to the way side you know? So when I heard about camp I was really curious and a little nervous to jump back into writing. But really, what better way to get back into things than with a little competition and a huge creative support group. My cabin mates are doing awesome, almost everyone is close to their end goal and one girl actually finished yesterday.

Overall I would say that this is one of the best things I have done all summer. I really can't wait until November to do it all again!
Cheers xo

Monday, July 13, 2015

Peruvian Crochet


It's been a long while since I've posted anything crochet related. It's time to introduce my Peruvian blanket.
It actually took a while before it reached this stage. Let's go back to the beginning..
This is what it originally looked like. The yarn used was Red Heart's Peruvian yarn, hence the name. I crocheted these 15 squares a long time ago like maybe in 9th grade?! And I stitched them all together and everything, but as time passed the yarn became harder to find. I think they discontinued it. So I decided I had to use the the squares for something.
I painstakingly took them all apart and laid them out across my bed. Because I don't have more than 15 I would 14 of them and make a square throw blanket.
I added three extra rounds to every square so in total there are 10 rounds. I used Lucy's join-as-go method to connect them all. I plan on building out from here with some more black and white rows around the whole blanket.
Hope you liked this quick little crochet update, it's my latest project. I hope to have it done before I go back to school in August. Fingers crossed!
Cheers xo

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dog Days

Good morning!

Last week I got to dog sit my sisters' beautiful dog. This is Maiya. She's a Beagle/German Shepard mix and she is so sweet. We call her our little shadow because whenever she's here she follows me around wherever I go. And she is insanely photogenic, it's not fair.
Most of the week was spent just chilling at home or in the backyard. She loves the outdoors but I don't love the Florida heat. And every afternoon we'd go for a walk around the neighborhood.
Sidewalk Statements: "Hottie with a Body"
On Thursday we met up with my bestie and her pup at the dog park. I love taking her to the park, it makes me feel like a real dog owner which I'm not. And it's fun driving her around. 
I had to throw in some sunsets from our daily walks because they were just so pretty.
And well one more portrait for the road. This picture looks great even in Black and White. I'm thinking about doing a charcoal reduction of this picture because I haven't done one in forever and it's a good shot. 

Anyway, this was just a quick update. I hope your Saturday treats you well.
Ta xo

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend was pretty chill for the most part. Fourth of July was on Saturday so that was the big to do for the weekend. But a quick little update, I got my hair cut on Friday! I have bangs now, look!
They were actually too long but I didn't know until I got home. My hairdresser likes to blow my hair out, which I don't normally do. So when I got home I straightened my hair and realized my bangs were past my eyes. So I watched a YouTube video and trimmed them myself! Very chic.
I didn't do much on the 4th to be honest. I just chilled around the house, watched some Netflix. It was relaxing. Later in the evening my mom made hot dogs, Chicago style of coarse. As Chicago style as we could make them though! We couldn't find any poppy seed buns. But either way they were so tasty!
After dinner we got ready to head out to the park to see the fireworks. My dad like to fly this flag, it's called the Betsy Ross Flag. The 13 stars stand for the 13 original colonies. Apparently the original of it's kinda was one of the first flags that Betsy Ross sewed. He likes that it represents the American Revolution. I like to think of us as being the most hipster house on the block!
The firework display at the park was really nice. They were playing classic American music and everyone was there sitting with their families. I think there's something to be said about fireworks on the Fourth of July. They go off all over the country and people everywhere sit and watch them. They're meant to represent our freedom from the British and all the lives that were lost in fighting for it.
It's said that John Adams is to thank for this tradition. He wanted the Fourth of July to be remembered with festivities, parades, and fireworks at the end of the night, This tradition actually started back on July 4th, 1777. And it's stayed strong all these years. America turned 239 this year you know. She's getting old.
I think it's amazing that we've been a country for so long. Granted it's not as old as some other countries, but it's still pretty old. It's cool to think that on July 4th, 239 years ago our fore fathers signed the Deceleration of Independence. I'm a big history buff, so I love this stuff!
 My Fourth of July outfit consisted of a an American Flag sweater I picked up at Goodwill a while back. My sailor inspired shirts came from Forever 21. The boots are from Plato's closet, and the snapback is from Warped Tour last year. It's my Chunk No! Captain Chunk hat.
 These were my awful attempts at getting the classic sparkler shot. They came out horrible but I had fun taking them so that's all the matters.
I decided to throw in my outfit from Sunday as well because I liked it. We were going to see a house not that far from ours. My parents are thinking about moving to a bigger house in the same neighborhood, or at least that same city. I guess it doesn't matter much to me because hopefully in a year I'll be moving out to Chicago. Fingers crossed!

I hope you had a great weekend whether you celebrated the Fourth, or Canada day, or don't celebrate anything at all. I hope it was just a great weekend! And here's to a great week as well.
Cheers xo

Friday, July 3, 2015

Chicago Day 3: Millennium Park

Happy Friday!

It's strange how quickly the week can go by sometimes. It just flew on by!
This is the last installment of my Chicago trip. Let's end it on a great note.
Millennium Park.
Millennium Park is a really cool park on the east side of Chicago. It's quite large, think Central Park in NY but more spacious. On one side there's the city and on the other side is Lake Michigan. All roads lead to the park so naturally we had to stop over and take a stroll.
Wrigley Square and Millennium Monument.
This is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion were sometimes you can hear the Chicago Symphony practicing.
They also put on free concerts here. This is the view of the stage from the grass. I can just imagine having a picnic here, it would be so cool.
The is the Cloud Gate Sculpture, more commonly know as the Bean because well, it looks like a bean!
Mom and I taking selfies in the Bean.
The underside of the Bean.
This is right below the Bean. During the summer months they put tables outside where you can go and eat. But during the winters they transform it into an ice skating rink.
 The Laurie Gardens are a full fie acres of beauty. Mom and I never knew this was here and really we just stumbled upon it. We didn't have time to walk the full five acres though I would have loved too! But what we did see was just so beautiful.
Can you tell I have a thing for lavender? They were simply everywhere!
 But what I really loved were the poppies and the view of the city behind the beautiful garden.
We continued heading South towards the Art Institute of Chicago.
Next to the Art Institute is the Art Institute Sculpture gardens. I actually studied this sculpture in my 3D design class, I never thought I would get to see it in person. It was a cool surprise.
That was a long post wasn't it? Sorry I didn't write much but I hope the pictures make up for that.
This three day trip to Chicago was exactly what I needed and I couldn't have asked for a bitter trip. Hopefully someday soon I won't have to keep travelling to Chicago because I'll be living there. Fingers crossed!
Hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend!
Cheers xo