Friday, January 8, 2016

2015: A Recap

Good morning!!

Now I know we've been in 2016 for some time now but I decided I wanted to be reflective on the year we just went through. 2015 wasn't that long ago and yet it feels like a year ago. Haha! See what I did there?
Bad jokes aside, this was actually a pretty good year. I don't know if I would say it started off fantastic but it ended really well. I learned a lot about myself this and I feel as though I really grew. I had tough times and amazing times.

Here are my top nine moments of 2015.
Top left: I got to watched my best friend and little boy Oliver grow up into a cat.
Top Center: I visited my favourite place on earth: Chicago. 
Top Right: I welcomed in the birth of my very own nephew and for the first time in my life I became an Auntie. Auntie Juju to be precise. 
Center Left: I celebrated my 21st birthday with my best friend at the happiest place on earth while looking adorable as the Tweedles! 
Center: I fell in love. Venezia took my breath away  in ways I didn't know it ever could. I only got to spend three days on the wonderful island but I know in my heart it's a place I belong I'll be back one day, I promise!
Center Right: Visiting Positano was one of my favourite parts about going to Italia. It was unexpected and absolutely beautiful.
Bottom Left: Having tea with family I haven't seen in ages in the windy city was a dream. And I wish I could it all again because it was so amazing!
Bottom Center: My sass held up the Leaning Tower Pisa.
Bottom Right: I got to end out the year with my awesome trip to Disney and the fireworks just kinda sum up the year for me.
My top nine favourite sunsets/sunrises of 2015.
The evolution of Juju in nine selfies.
Nine photos of flora.

I'm not really one to make resolutions but I do make goals.
My goals for 2016:

~ Read a minimum of 20 books. (If I finish 20 then I'll try 50!)
~ Continue to learn Italian
~Raise my GPA to a 3.5, graduate with my AA degree, and get accepted to UCF
~ Obtain at least one new tattoo this year and at least two new piercings
~ Continue to write and fill up journals
~ Be open to new experiences and create opportunities for myself

This a year of growth for myself as well as a year achieving. It's going to be a wild year and I can foresee much change in the future but I'm ready for it and I'm going to look at every experience as a chance to growth. 
I hope you ring in the new year!
Ciao xo

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