Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Milano Day 2 - City Walks


I know what you're probably thinking...ohmygod, Italy. Yes! Italy! I know, I know it's been a while huh? Well I'm back at it. As you may remember one of my goals for 2016 was to finish blogging about my Italy trip. This is not just because I want to share the trip with you but also because I really want to blog about it and have it written somewhere. This was by far one of the best trips I've ever taken in my life and I owe it to myself to write about it so I can read about it in the future.

Alright! Enough mushy stuff, let's get to the good stuff.
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So Day 2 in Milano started off with the idea that we would try and see Michelangelo's "Last Supper". We weren't really sure if we would get to but we thought "Hey, why not?" So we took the Metro and when we emerged from below grown we came face to face with this beautiful installation.
It's the end of a giant sewing needle with thread looped through!! I was way more excited about this surprise than most would be but I love sculpture and specifically, I love on-site installations. It's something I would love to do one day. So that was a fun moment.
We wandered through the city a bit as we made our way over to the Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Before we get there though, can we pause for a moment and just appreciate how beautiful the buildings are? Corner buildings, lots of windows, and coloured roofs! I'm a sucker for architecture so I was practically drooling everywhere I went that day.
There she is. The Santa Maria delle Grazie. Is this not one of the most beautiful buildings you've ever seen?!

So there was no possible way we were going to get in to see the "Last Supper", apparently you need to buy tickets weeks to months in advance No matter though because we did get to see the courtyard of the Santa Maria delle Grazie, and it was stunning.
Just some outside shots before we step into the courtyard.
The building is truly magnificent. It held such wonder and mystery to me.
Along the walls of the courtyard were large prints of some of Michelangelo's work so we got to look at those!
We spent just the right amount of time there and once we had walked around and saw everything we headed on our way. Our day was kind of a see-where-it-takes-us kind of a day seeing as we didn't really have sure plan of what we were going to do.
We decided that we were going to go see Castello Sforzesco. The Castle of Milano.
So we headed back the way we came and then a little further and there it was.
I'll end this post here because we're going to want to spend some time exploring the castle for sure!
Until next time.
Ciao xo

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