Sunday, January 10, 2016

OOTD: Space Cadet


Today I bring you an outfit inspired by space and I may have drawn some inspiration from being a Space Cadet myself!
Crop Tank Top: Tally Weijl (Italy)
Skirt: PacSun
Jacket: OVS (Italy)
Shoes: Goodwill
Sunnies: H & M
I love holographic prints and shiny silver clothes so naturally why not pair them all together? I don't believe you can ever over do it. I mean the more silver and holographic print you wear the closer you are to being Zenon right? Though this outfit is way more Proto Zoa!
This outfit combines some of my favourite Italy purchases like this Beautiful sheer and checkered jacket. Which I bought for 75% off !! It was practically a steal and I haven't seen anything like it here in the US.
This look is everything I could have wanted it to be. It's kinda weird and maybe a little out there but it also says "Hi, I'm not afraid of taking fashion risks. Are you?" Which is something I like to strive for from time to time.
Even laying in a little pile it looks so cute!
"Today's journey is one small step for Microbe, one giant leap for rock 'n Roll!"-Prota Zoa
Ciao xo

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