Thursday, February 11, 2016

Book Review: "Red Queen"

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Today's Book Review is one of my new personal favourites, Victory Aveyard's the "Red Queen".

"Red Queen" is a story that center's around our main character, Mare Barrow. In her world you are either born a 'red', a low class human. Or you are born a 'silver', and upper class elite with powers. Although Mare was born a 'red' she has powers of her own. And when the Royal Family finds out they force her to become one of their own. All the while Mare is also secret working with a group of rebels to take down the Royal Family.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world and has an element of fantasy as well. All of which seriously appeals to me. I love books that involve Royal Courts, probably because I've always wanted to be royalty myself haha! Fantasy and dystopian are also two of my favourite genres so I was pretty excited going into this book. I had been hearing a lot of people talk about "Red Queen" since it came out in February of last year and I'm so glad I finally gave it a go! I really truly enjoyed this book.

I thought the book was fast-paced but it didn't move too quickly. Did that make sense? It moved quick enough for me and I didn't want to put it down. No spoilers but man did this book have some plot twists that caught me by surprise. And the ending definitely left me wanting more, which is why I can't wait until February 9th, when "Glass Sword" (the sequel) comes out. And Victory Aveyard must be a writing machine because she has the second novel in series coming out in 2016 as well. You can check out her Goodreads page here

Overall I gave this book a 5 stars on Goodreads but it's really more like a 4.75 (you just can't put that rating on goodreads lol). It's a really amazing book but it's just not quite 5 stars yet. I have high hopes for the sequel though.

And of course I have to share some of my favourite quotes from the book! I actually have quite a lot but I don't want to share all of them because some them might be a little spoiler-y. Oh and I have page numbers this time! Enjoy!

"It's dead and gray, like the future of war." ~ Mare p.16

"My ignorance is becoming a theme." ~ Mare p.80

"To look powerful is to be powerful." ~ Mare p.97

"In the flickering candle light, our shadows look like monsters on the walls." ~ Mare p.164

"It's our nature. We destroy. It's the constant of our kind. No matter the color of blood, man will always fall." ~ Julian p.227

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