Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'm Back! Sorta..

Hello again!

I know it's been quite a while. I took a hiatus that lasted much longer than I meant it too.
Initially I stopped blogging around February because uni really started to pick up and it was my last semester, an important one! I focused all my attention to my school work and it paid off in the end! I have since graduated with my AA degree! Woo!

Towards the end of the semester i got really busy with finals and work and on top of it I ran the light board for a theatre school at my school. But after school ended I continued to ignore my little home here in blogland. And I have no real excuse for that. I simply  didn't work the time into my day to blog.

So now I'm back! But there was a sorta in there. I've made a blogging schedule for myself that will have me posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It's a schedule that I'm going to try very hard to keep to. However, I'm actually going away on vacation tomorrow! Throws a bit of a wrench in my plan huh?

If you remember, last May I took a trip to Chicago. Well, it's that time again! Tomorrow I'll be jetting off to Chicago, this time for a whole week! I've got so much planned for my trip and I'm BEYOND myself with excitement.

Next Friday I'll be getting back to my new blogging schedule with pictures from my trip. I've also got loads of new posts and ideas that I'll be sharing. Look forward to book hauls, crochet updates, and yes... one of these days I'll even finish posting my Italy picture from last summer!

Until then though, have a great week! Ta!

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