Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Gino's Walk Around


A bit of a random Chicago post this will be. For the majority of these Chicago posts I've focused on the major events that took place during my trip. But there were smaller moments and snapshots that I took that don't really seem to fit into any one post. So I've decided to lump them all here. These are the random bits of my trip that loved.
Saw this sign while we walked around Water Tower Place for a bit to stay out of the rain. I love Willy Wonka soooo much!!
Friday was a bit of soggy day.
After the MCA Chicago we had lunch/dinner at the famous Gino's East. My mom used to come here for pizza back in the 70's when she was a teenager with my auntie and their friends. Regrettably, I never got a pic of our deep dish pizza because I ate it too quickly! I also bought my own beer, brewed in Chicago, a pale ale which is not my favourite but was lovely with my pizza. Being 21 is awesome.
A trip to Chi-town is never complete unless I buy my weight in Polish Chocolates from the only place in the world that I ever would, Produce World. And you better believe that I indeed bought my weight in chocolate. I spent a whopping 15 dollars on chocolate and I regret nothing.
A bit random but i loved the way the Burberry building looked, it's actually goals. And I've always had a deep love for fire escapes.
So there you go, a small collection of random photos that really had no where else to go.

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