Friday, November 18, 2016

Food & Wine Festival: Take One

Happy Friday!

So as I mentioned before, I went to Food & Wine Festival four times this year. The first time I went was October 1st, with my parents. We also met up with my sister and brother-in-law while we were there. It was like a mini, unplanned, family vacation!
These 1920's inspired postcards were actually some of my favourite decorations! I love vintage everything and it adds such a classy feel to the whole event.

My first food stop of the day: Patagonia
I had the Grilled Beef Skewer but they didn't have the Chimichurri Sauce that was supposed to go with it. Instead they added the Quinoa Salad that came with another dish but OhMyGoodness! The quinoa salad was amazing! I don't typically like quinoa, I don't normally find it appetizing but they was they made it was so great. This was by far one of my overall favourite meals that I tried!
You may notice my wonderful Celebration button in the above photo. Here's a closer look:
Yes you are reading that right! While at Food & Wine my sister and brother-in-law where celebrating their 3 year wedding anniversary and my parents were celebrating their 24 year wedding anniversary. I, being the eternally single goddess that I am, wanted a button too. So the cast member asked me if he could make me one and I told him, "I trust you!" I was presented with this beauty.
This is by far my most prized button ever.
It was also Magic Kingdom's 45th and Epcot's 34th birthday! So we got these awesome 45th buttons when we entered the park!
Just some aesthetic shots from the fish tanks in the Nemo center. I never really used to take the time to look at them before but I'm so glad I did, look how cute all the fishy are!
Now back to our previously scheduled program: Food & Wine Festival
In case you didn't know, Morocco is one of my all time favourite countries in the World Showcase, I rpetty much love every single thing about it. So get ready for some Moroccan photo overload!
In my opinion, Morocco is one of the most photogenic countries in the World Showcase. It's got a ton of places for the perfect photo-op. My favourite is this fountain that is located in the left courtyard. It's almost always empty so snagging a photo should not be a problem!
 Also I DisneyBound my version of punk Jasmine. The crop top is from Brandy Melville, the pants are from Forever 21, my boots are from Target, the necklace was made by me!, and the hair bow is the Aladdin bow bought from HotTopic. 
WE did a lot of walking around. My number one go-to spot for the day was Poland.
Being half Polish I was insanely excited to try the Polish food at F&W. I ordered the Gołąbki, it's cabbage stuffed with pork (or other ground meat depending on who one makes it) and covered in tomato sauce. This is actually one of my all time favourite meals and they made it perfectly!
Later that night my sister got us all reservations at the sit down Japanese restaurant in Japan and I ordered one of my favourites: the Udon noodles. I have never had Udon this elaborate before, it came in a cauldron! And look at the little flower veggies in my soup! It was incredible, by far the best Udon I've ever had and I want to go back for more.
One of my Disney goals in life to eat sit-down in every country that offers it. That would be amazing!
 We ended up watching the fireworks in Norway because we managed to get on Frozen Ever After with a 15 minute wait time!
And I apologize if out of  fcus fireworks aren't really your thing, I think there's something really beautiful about them.
That wraps up my first ever Food & Wine day.
Overall it was an awesome experience! Of course the food is kinda is overpriced but if you don't eat at every country offered then it's totally affordable. My parents loved it and I got to spend the day with all my family. Overall: success!
Until the next Disney adventure!
Ta xo

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