Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello Again!

I feel like I make a "Hello Again" post every few months or so because I always end up going radio silent. But I'm back now, and for good hopefully. That's my intention anyway.

I've had a busy couple of months with school and life. I just started my third year of college (finally!) and I did so as a transfer student so that's been a bit of an adjustment. On top of school I've traveled a lot these past couple of months and I've gone to Disney a TON as well.

I'm back though and I'm taking a new approach to blogging. I was having a really great conversation with my Lyft driver the other day and she made me realize how much I missed blogging and how much I needed to get back into it and really stick with it this time. So that the plan! I'm going to focus a lot more on my sewing (I've been making so much lately!) and my Disney trips. I became a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder this past October and I've already gone four times since then! So you can expect A LOT of Disney Magic to filtering over these virtual pages.

That's about all of now, but I'll be back soon to share my past Disney adventures! I went to Food &Wine Festival four times this year, Magic Kingdom twice, Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, Mickey's Very-Merry Christmas party, and I went to my first ever Dapper Day at Epcot!! So I have a ton to share with you, hope you stick around for the ride!
Ta xo

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