Monday, December 19, 2016

Meet & Greet: Halloween Edition

Hey hey!

What the best part Disney? Meeting the characters of course! I absolutely adore meeting the characters and princesses, and Mickey's-Not-So-Scary features my personal favourites; the Villains! I love a good Disney Villain and any chance I get to meet them is a golden opportunity.
Our night started out with none other than . . . The Pumpkin King himself!
 Jack and Sally only come out during MNSSHP so their line is always the longest. They were our first stop for the night. I'd say we got in line around 5:30 pm and we met them around 6:30, so it was actually really great getting there early. Jack and Sally were absolutely the cutest!! They asked a lot about skirts and Sally wondered if we had cobwebs under them (we did not!).
Tell me Sally is not the absolute cutest! She did the "sorority squat" with us and the result is epic.
Next stop: Our loves; The Tweedles! And their queen of course!
The Tweedles were so excited to see our costumes, they said they looked just like theirs! In case you don't remember, last December we went to Disney and dressed as the Tweedles (you can see it here). We explained who was who and Tweedle Dum took me under his wing.
"How d'ye do and shake hands, shake hands, shake hands. How d'ye do and shake hands, state your name and business."
P.S. My photopass skills are great, I love the camera! Lol
My most anticipated stop of the night though was meeting my queen, Cruella de Vil.
I love Cruella de Vil so much!! I think she is absoultely fabulous and flawless. Yass with the furs and little black dress!! (NOTE: I do not support the current production of real furs. I own one vintage fur coat the was produced in the 1950's and I will continue to purchase vintage furs, should the opportunity ever arise, however, I do not support the current production of animal good.)
All that said, Cruella is my Queen! I could not wait to meet her! She loved my skirt so much and said it would perfect for hiding puppies. She wanted to see under the skirt so of course I obliged!
Not the best quality photos but excellent quality memories!
P.S. Photopass takes the greatest outtake photos ever! They are so funny!
Next stop: another love of mine, Jack Sparrow.
The man, the pirate, the legend himself.
I'd gladly join his pirate crew and day of the year!
Our final stop of the night: the Princesses!
Punzie came first, she loved that I sewed our costumes myself, she sews herself too you know!
Did I mention that she gives the best hugs ever!
Here's another great outtake for you!
Every trip, no matter what, there is always a photo of me where I look like this. LOL!
After Punzie came the Southern Queen: Princess Tiana! She told us all about the party she'd be having and she would be making her gumbo. Please let me come!
That wraps up my adventures at Mickey's-Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party! It was seriously the best Disney party ever and I can't wait to go again next year!
Ta xo

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