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I'm coming back at you today with my photos from...

This was my first year going to MNSSHP and it was amazing! I wasn't totally sure what to expect but it exceeded all of my expectations. It was also my first time going to Magic Kingdom in the fall, it was beautiful.
Classic Disney Pumpkin Pic!
Now it's costume time!
 I began working on our costumes back in May when Kelsey came up with the idea of going as the Cha Cha Bingo Girls form the Festival of Fantasy Parade.
I don't have very many process pictures for the costumes, it was completely my mistake, I should have taken more. But here are the final shots courtesy of the amazing PhotoPass Photographers!
So what did I make?
Corset: Bought from Amazon and hand painted by Kelsey & myself.
Skirts: Patterned and constructed by me!
Tights: Bought and hand painted by Kelsey!
Bolero Jackets: Patterned and constructed by me.
Head Bows: Constructed by me.
Gloves & Undershirts & Bloomers: Bought and hand dyed by Kelsey.
 First Stop: Our home, Storybook Circus!
Of course we had to pose with our trashcans! Look how cure we all look together.
All the posing for all the pictures because our costumes are bomb. Not everyone knew who we were but many people weren't afraid to ask, and we were more than happy to tell them! Every cast member knew who we were and many wondered if we worked for Disney ourselves. (Unfortunately neither of us do!)
One of the biggest features of the party is the Boo to You Parade, a total villain themed parade.
It. Was, Incredible!!
Disney villians hold a very special place in my heart so getting to see them in their own parade was amazing! Unfortunately, I don;t have very many photos from the parade. I didn't bring my good camera with me to the park. In fact, I didn't even bring a bag! My phone doesn't take very good nighttime shots so I didn;t bother to take many. Instead I just enjoyed the parade.
Pirates love us. Every time there is a pirate they always notice us and Captain Barbarossa was no exception. This was his priceless reaction our blowing him kissed. He tried hard to be menacing but we loved him too much!
Now back to our previously scheduled costume photos!
Our costumes were a huge hit with the Big Top Souvenirs Cast Members!
It was nearing the end of the night and we desperately needed to buy our MNSSHP pins. We ran into the Big Top and were completely taken by surprise when the cast members started cheering and chanting "They're here! They're here!" Turns out they had been waiting for us to come into the store all night.They gave us candied apples and asked to pose for a picture with us. It was a magical experience.
They even gave us buttons that said; "Best Costume!" It was such a great feeling for them to love our costumes as much as they did, After putting in literally months of work, it was amazing!
Mickeys-Not-So-Scary-Halloween-Party was seriously one of the best experiences I've ever had. And you can bet we're going again next year! Spoiler Alert: we're totally wearing these costumes again! But we're actually going to go twice next year. Once early in September, we're we'll wear these. And once again in October, wear we're wearing all new costumes. I'm keeping our new costumes under wraps for now by here's a hint: they're also from the Festival of Fantasy Parade!
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